PrintFleet Announces Vision Distributor, Glocal Value s.r.l.

PrintFleet Announces Vision Distributor, Glocal Value s.r.l.

PrintFleet Inc., a global leader in managed print software and solutions, announced it has added Glocal Value s.r.l. as a Vision distributor.

PrintFleet Vision is a complete remote monitoring system, designed to capture, store, and analyze critical printing data from a client’s location. Vision provides the complete functionality of PrintFleet’s award winning MPS technology in a fully managed and secure subscription-based service. Vision reduces the complexity of monitoring, managing, servicing and supplying imaging devices from multiple manufacturers.

“Adding Glocal Value as a Vision distributor significantly enhances our ability to serve the Italian Market,” stated David Morrow, Chief Commercial Officer at PrintFleet. “Glocal Value has a solid foundation in Italy, and we are delighted to partner with them for localized distribution and support of Vision.”

Savio Avilia and Lorenzo Gozzi, Glocal Value founders, say “We are proud and delighted of PrintFleet partnership because it allows us to have a complete portfolio of solutions, available to our resellers to create value for them and end customers”.

(Source: PrintFleet)

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