Printerland Strives to Sell More Consumables

Printerland, the Cheshire, England-based reseller of printers and consumables, announced it is seeing a growth of 58% in pre-tax profit to £1.6 million for the fiscal year ending 31 March, and a 28.3% increase of total turnover to £23 million year-on-year.

“We’ve got a really strong balance sheet,” says James Kight, Managing Director. “We’re forecasting £30m (million) this year, but I am going to push for £32m (million). And we’re now making £1m (million) per head a year.”

Further, Kight stated the company plans to expand its sales of consumables and the ratio of consumables sales to printer sales, adding “At the moment we’re probably doing 50:50 consumables to printers, but we want a ratio of 3:1.”

He added that Printerland will also expand its managed print services (MPS) business as well as its South African business, with a showroom now already open in Cape Town.

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