Printed Graphene for Paper Electronics

A team of researchers in Jonathan Claussen’s lab at Iowa State University have worked out ways to apply graphene in the real world.

According to, graphene is a strong and stable material that can conduct electricity and heat. Researchers are trying to apply it on flexible, wearable and low-cost electronics by using inkjet printers to print multi-layer graphene circuits and electrodes and treating them with a pulsed-laser process.

With existing technologies, the graphene can improve electrical conductivity and device performance, only when treated with high temperatures or chemicals which will degrade the printing surfaces such as plastic films or paper.

The new technology has been filed for a patent by the Iowa State Research Foundation Inc., for use in sensors with biological applications, energy storage systems, electrical conducting components and even paper-based electronics.

The National Institute of Food and Agriculture in the Department of Agriculture of America and the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust are major grants of the research. The College of Engineering and department of mechanical engineering in Iowa State are also sponsors.

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