Print-Rite Proved DecaBDE Free by QC 080000

Print-Rite Proved DecaBDE Free by QC 080000

Earlier in 2019, ETIRA (European Toner and Inkjet Remanufacturers Association) found the hazardous substance – decaBDE in a series of new-built compatible cartridges from its tests in Europe. DecaBDE is now a substance of very high concern in the U.S.

DecaBDE as a brominated flame retardant chemical was prohibited in manufacturing or importing into the European Union since 2nd March, 2019 according to EU’s REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation.

The regulation addresses the environmental health and safety issues of the use of chemical substances and the penalties for non-compliance. As a result, suppliers that violate REACH are most likely to be subjected to stiff fines and penalties. It is also illegal for resellers or distributors to sell cartridges that contravene the REACH restrictions, on the global market.

Suppliers that fail to comply with the new regulations risk damaging their business reputation, may be subject to severe penalties and long border delays. Resellers and distributors must ensure that the supplier they choose complies with the “rules”. For example, if you’re a distributor importing and selling toner cartridges within the EU, you must ensure that your suppliers are compliant in accordance with the industry standards and regulations within the European Union to avoid the risk of fines or penalties.

With over 38 years of R&D experience, Print-Rite is committed to supplying high-quality products and services for its customers. All Print-Rite products are tested by in-house laboratory and technicians before they go to market. For 12 consecutive years, Print-Rite is the only organisation from the aftermarket printing industry to participate in the ISO international standards meeting. Print-Rite is also the first aftermarket supplier to be accredited with QC 080000 assuring they comply totally with RoHS and REACH directives.

Print-Rite Proved DecaBDE Free rtmworldPrint-Rite announced that distributor will be able to take full advantage of product safety and compliance. Our QA (Quality Assurance), Legal & Compliance teams ensure our new-built cartridge solutions are not only safe for our customers, but also lawful. Today, companies in over 120 countries across the globe have chosen Print-Rite as their supplier partner and relied on the Print-Rite production to grow their business.

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