Print-Rite Opens 3D Lab for Medicine in Zhuhai, China

Print-Rite, a Chinese remanufacturer and 3D printer manufacturer of Zhuhai, has unveiled a first ever orthopedic 3D printing laboratory of the city on January 18, 2017.

This 3D lab is jointly established with the Second People’s Hopsital of Xiangzhou District, a local hospital in Zhuhai. It is built for organic integration of clinical applications and the R&D of production enterprises. Print-Rite claims it symbolizes a new era of orthopedics thanks to digital technology.

With 3D delivering models in real size, the technology can replace X-ray in fracture surgery, which consists drawbacks of its planarization. According to Zhong Botao, Vice President of the Second People’s Hopsital of Xiangzhou District, the 3D model of a real size part is built based on the data from three-dimensional CT reports of the patient before surgery. The method provides doctors and patients with detailed information and visual experience.

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“3D printing technology can also be applied to develop preoperative surgical guide the various complex fractures, severity of joint damage, etc.,” added Mr. Zhong.

“We can produce solid objects of practically any size, shape or internal structure by using 3D printing,” said Su Jianqiang, director on the board of Print-Rite Unicorn Image Products Co., Ltd. of Zhuhai. “Thanks to this technology, patients can be now treated with ‘customized’ skeletal parts as required by their respective treatment, rather than purchasing products of fixed specifications. In other words, products required by patients in the future will be more customized for more accurate treatment.”

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He added, “We will continue to explore and create a variety of 3D printing equipment and supplies for the benefit of the medical industry, to better enable printing of customized parts needed in treating patients.”

Print-Rite currently owns 166 patents in the 3D industry. The company is oriented towards the development of 3D printing materials, and is committed to bring 3D solutions for various industries. Print-Rite claims that in the future, it desires to enhance cooperation with more partners in the medical sector and become a leader for 3D holistic solutions in the field of medicine.

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