Clover’s Legal Counsel Provides More Light

In a clear move to maintain its high reputation in the imaging industry, Clover Technologies Group’s (Clover) legal team has provided more information about the wrongful seizure and forfeiture order it received last week.

Matt Gavronski (pictured), Associate General Counsel—Intellectual Property of Clover has contacted RT Media again, “As expected, the ITC has now formally rescinded the Seizure and Forfeiture Order issued against Clover on January 18, 2017 in Investigation No. 337-TA-723.” Gavronski also took the trouble to email a copy of the rescission order to RT Media in evidence of his claims.

Gavronski added that Clover was not importing cartridges. “The products initially denied entry were cartridge components for use in our domestic remanufacturing operations, not complete cartridges.”

He pointed out that the references in the ITC orders to “a shipment of articles containing inkjet ink cartridges with printheads and components thereof” is actually derived from the title of the ITC investigation and “does not reflect the actual contents of the shipment.”

On the same day as the shipments were seized last week, Clover was quick to contact RT Media as news broke to advise that “the products initially denied entry by Customs were released to Clover and do not violate the GEO.” The statement by Clover’s counsel today adds more light as to the nature of the shipment that had been wrongfully seized.


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