Print-Rite Captures Another Patent Award

Print-Rite, a world leader in copier and printer consumables, announced it has earned the China Patent Award of Excellence for its innovative SmarTact™ technology.

The firm received the award at the Ceremony of the 15th WIPO-SIPO Award for Chinese Outstanding Patented Invention and Industrial Design in Beijing. The WIPO-SIPO Award is the highest level patent award in China, issued by China’s State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO). Print-Rite alleges it is the only manufacturer in China being awarded twice by SIPO. It acquired a gold medal in 2005 for its 86T ink cartridge design.

Print-Rite introduced its SmarTact™ technology in October 2011. It affirms this technology enables a contact development process cartridge to work in the jump printing environment. Thus, it can produce compatible cartridges for Canon and HP jump-patented printers without infringing the OEM patents. Plus, it claims cartridges using SmarTact™ technology can make printers print more pages, with better fusing, very low toner waste and no background toner deposition, even under extreme weather conditions.

The company also states they have applied for 2113 patents around the world prior to November 2013. And the number of the patents they’ve applied for prior to September 2012, concerning laser products in China, ranks No.1, even outnumbering Canon.

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