Print Rebounds in the Workplace

Print Rebounds in the Workplace

Print Rebounds in the WorkplaceDespite all the convenience brought to workplace by digitalization, it appears print may return to popularity thanks to “screen fatigue.”

An independent survey conducted by Epson Europe shows 73% of respondents—being over 2,400 office workers across the EMEA region—print on average of 36 pages each per day.

According to, office staff still prefer paper for thoughtful and careful reading. In the workplace, text heavy documents such as invoices and letters are mostly printed. These documents often contain critical background or legal information that requires a comprehensive understanding as well as editing.

Scientific research also reveals that reading from hard copy can enhance comprehension, learning, and information retention, which screen technology currently can’t replicate even with flipbooks.

While interactive devices allow for various distractions, it is now believed that the brain can function longer and better reading from paper than from screens.

Futurist Jack Uldrich says, “Every technology has unique and tangible benefits, and paper is no different. Arguably, paper is the greatest instrument ever invented for conveying, sharing and disseminating information.”

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