Paper Prices Rise

Paper Prices Rise

Paper Prices RiseUK paper merchants have increased the prices of uncoated paper—the type used in printers and copiers—between 5% and 7%.

According to, demand in the Far East has resulted in Asian mills selling locally, where prices are strong, and they do not incur the transportation costs of shipping to Europe. Pulp prices have risen £70-£80 (US$90-100) per ton since the start of this year, while mills have also faced increased chemical and transport costs. The continued weakness of the pound against the euro and the dollar following last year’s Brexit vote is also adding to price pressures in the UK.

“These factors have pushed the mills’ profitability and, despite our vigorous negotiations, have forced them to raise our prices,” said Antalis channel director for print, sign & display James Jarvis.

Most mills announced plans to raise prices earlier this year. The increase in uncoated prices follows an across the board increase in paper prices of 5%-7% at the start of the year.

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