Print Audit Releases Updated Management Software

Print Audit Announces The Worldwide Release Of Infinite User Management

Print Audit, the company whose mission is to save the office equipment industry, has revealed the replacement of its flagship product, Print Audit 6, with a fully revamped software suite called Infinite User Management.

Infinite User Management is an industry-leading set of tools designed from the ground up to make user and print management simpler, more intuitive, and feature rich. Business workflows have evolved dramatically in recent years due to a mix of physical and digital document production and there was a need in the industry for a new set of tools to manage the complexities of the modern office. Infinite User Management is the answer.

“Our development team continues to amaze me with their ability to design and deliver solutions that are far beyond anything else in the market,” stated John MacInnes, President of Print Audit. “Infinite User Management was built with input from our Premier Members and their customers. The result of that collaboration is the strongest offering we’ve released to date and we know the office equipment channel is going to love it as much as we do.”

Infinite User Management is the second addition to the Print Audit Infinite family of solutions. It brings dealers and their customers a more streamlined and secure way to manage devices, documents and users. Here are just a few of the new and groundbreaking features of Infinite User Management:

User-based licensing: As SBB (Seat Based Billing) continues to replace CPP (Cost Per Page) contracts, user accounting and billing is critical. Tracking “active printing users” is far superior and more accurate than any other method.

Mobile print tracking via Google Cloud Print: Mobile print tracking is seamless and effort free, no matter where you are printing from.

Ultra-fast deployment: Making it easier for dealers and I.T. to effortlessly install desktop clients.

Intelligent printer matching: Printer naming conventions leave a lot to be desired and Infinite User Management does the heavy lifting of printer matching for you.

Secure printing re-imagined: Turn any network printing device into a secure release station with no input screen required! Just tap, release and go!

Statistical reports on rules-effectiveness: SBB requires a new way to measure the financial impact and effectiveness of rules based printing to ensure greater profitability. For traditional CPP programs the reports show customers evidence of rules effectiveness.

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