HYB Expands Product Range to 2000 Items

HYB Expands Product Range to 2000 Items

HYBWith about 200 new items added to its product range in 2022, HYB claims it is now offering about 2000 spare parts under multi brands, including various components from the imaging system to the fusing system for remanufacturing.

HYB claims that a wide range of spare parts for photocopiers and MFPs under HYB multi-brand are now available to its distribution partners and wholesale customers. “This extended spare parts program is due to the constant growth of HYB multi-brand, especially in the overseas sales regions,” said Kim Lee, sales director of HYB.

With HYB’s one-stop shop solution, customers can benefit from a manufacturer who offer toner, spare parts and components with quality guarantee especially for photocopiers.

The new catalog for branded spare parts is available for HYB’s distributors across the globe. Detailed information about neutral products (digital catalog) , please contact HYB’s Sales Professionals.

Contact Details:

Address: No.6, Ping Xishi Rd, Nanping Industrial Park, Zhuhai City, China.
Tel: +86–756-857-8633

Whats App:+86 139 2690-6062
E-mail:kim@haoyinbao.com (pictured)

Website:  www.hyb-toner.com

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