Preliminary Injunction Granted Against HP in Germany

A German district court has granted Memjet Technology Limited a preliminary injunction against HP Deutschland GmbH, the German subsidiary of HP Inc.

The court found a prima facie case of infringement of the German part of Memjet’s EP 1292451 patent in the current ink distribution assembly of the HP 841 printheads, which are utilized in HP’s wide format printers using the HP PageWide technology. On appeal, the injunction was granted ex parte due to urgency as those infringing devices entering the German market.

The injunction is now in effect throughout Germany and no HP PageWide XL Series printer, containing the said assembly can be sold, distributed or imported by HP.

Memjet claims it made a consistent investment in the research and development of the page-wide waterfall technology over the last decade, and has also developed a significant patent portfolio to protect that investment.

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