Predictions for 2015

Photizo Group released its predictions for the industry development in 2015.

In terms of OEMs, the analyst claimed that “HP and Canon relationship begin tectonic shift”, as HP moves forward with its page-wide array inkjet technology to competitively address business partners – an area in which HP relied on its relationship with Canon’s laser technology in the past. Also, another OEM will follow HP to launch page-wide array technology, such as Brother with color (not just black and white), Epson, or Funai.

Regarding to MPS, voice-activated print management solutions become the new normal, said the statement. Further, first toolset for self-managed MPS customers appears. The thought that a third-party vendor is needed in all engagements will be changed as self-managed solutions are created and packaged for end users, making more effective value communication from providers essential. In addition, more printer OEMs will follow HP to adopt ink subscription model, because HP Instant Ink’s service has “great potential for saving money and time, locking users to OEM supplies, and keeping spent cartridges from remanufactures”.

Finally, the company noted that as providers look to provide differentiation, cleverly packaged software solutions will emerge to create unique value to customers next year.

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