Portable Printer Market Expected to Flourish In the Future

Due to the prevalence of smart phones and tablets, portable printers have finally become truly user-friendly and practical in the last two or three years despite its thirty-year existence. Last month, the world’s smallest all in one portable printer was introduced by Primera Trio, weighing at around 1.2kg and being as large as a hardcover book.

Mark D. Strobel, Primera’s vice president of sales and marketing, said: “Until now, portable printing has never really been practical. Existing page-size portable printers are heavy and bulky; the smallest machines print only in black monochrome with low print resolution on old fax-style thermal paper that curls, fades in sunlight and easily scratches,” he further added, “it is as easy to carry as a laptop, as full-featured as much larger and heavier desktop all-in-ones, and as close as your computer bag when you need it.”

With the increasing growth of mobile global workforce and cloud printing solutions, the portable printer market is expected to total US$13bn by 2020. While in 2014, the Asia-Pacific beat Europe and North America to be the single largest globally, with the retail sector being the biggest end user in this industry.

The three leading companies in the portable printer market are Seiko Epson, Toshiba TEC and Zebra Technologies.

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