PIAA Program Cuts Printer Energy Costs inHalf

The Printing Industries Association of Australia (PIAA) has partnered with the industrial energy efficiency and carbon reduction company, Mojarra, to help reduce printer energy costs. Mojarra will provide a five-step program for PIAA members that offers a technical assessment of the printer’s business site to identify cost savings opportunities through energy efficiency.

Mojarra will also provide a fixed-price proposal, assistance in ensuring funds for the project from the government and carry out the project with an ongoing surveillance and cost-saving verification follow-up.

PIAA subsidizes the cost of Mojarra’s service to its members while Mojarra works to detect energy consumption-related cost-saving opportunities. It then cuts away costs for the print business while obtaining government funding to help promote the process.

Chris Hay, CEO of Mojarra, commented that the partnership with PIAA could save printers over half of their energy expenses through the program and helps printers cut controllable energy costs from their operations to improve their profitability.

“Reducing energy expense by 50% or more is achievable through the Mojarra process,” says Hay. “The return on investment is significant with most projects delivering a return on investment in excess of 25%”.

According to Hay, once the initial assessment and recommendations report is complete (in about 2 weeks), Mojarra can complete the government’s application (which takes another two weeks) and submit it.

Substantial cost-savings could be the final result of the program. Bill Healey, CEO of PIAA says the program could actually cover printers’ PIAA membership fees.

The partnership with Mojarra is part of a broader initiative by PIAA to secure government funding and grants for print industry professionals to improve and innovate their businesses.

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