Ninestar Visited By Government Investment Officials

The leading Chinese printer consumables remanufacturer and Pantum printer maker has been visited by government officials for investment discussions.

Mr. Simon Galpin, Director of InvestHK; Ms Cuiping Yang, Chief Inspector of Guangzhou Investment and other officers visited Ninestar Group. Ninestar Group was the only enterprise in Zhuhai visited by InvestHK.

According to Ninestar, the company has been investing greatly in Hong Kong during the last few years. In return, the unique position of HK in finance and logistics has also been helpful for Ninestar to develop its business.

“The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has been greatly supporting the investment activities of technically-innovative enterprises in Hong Kong and Ninestar Group is a representative of those. We also hope Ninestar Group will continue her investments in Hong Kong, and the government is willing to offer better policies to support the group financially in human resources and R&D support.” said by Mr. Simon Galpin.

The content of the discussion has not yet been disclosed, but both parties are looking to enhance co-operations in the future.

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