Pelikan Welcomes New Authorised Distributor

Pelikan Welcomes New Authorized Distributor

Pelikan Welcomes New Authorized Distributor

Pelikan Welcomes New Authorised DistributorFollowing WH Office, API (API Computerhandels GmbH) becomes one of the latest authorised distributors of the Pelikan branded Hard copy consumable products for the DACH territory.

The Pelikan branded hard copy consumables distribution strategy has changed to adapt to increased market demands. Moving away from a direct distribution model to a Master Distribution model enables Pelikan branded inventory to be held in strategic markets by our Master Distributor network, to serve local business needs on a global scale. Progress made since early 2021 now means there is a strong family of Master Distributors able to serve customers across UK and Europe, with WH Office of Hamburg and api Computerhandles, of Baesweiler, Germany, being the latest partners to join the family.

Steve Weedon (PRPS, CEO) commented on the partnerships: “With regard to our partnership for the DACH area, we now have two solid distributors with many years of  experience serving our largest market territory and together we work as a team to best serve our dealers and resellers. We are also Introducing our Eco-Friendly and Bio Based product range including, “no waste” toner products that have CO2 reductions and lower costs per page. These products use unique patented technologies that deliver a better environmental choice for those end users looking to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, whilst at the same time deliver a cost per page that has never been lower. The Pelikan Brand needs no Introduction in the DACH area, our problem has always been local logistics and product availability and that has now been resolved.

Api Computerhandels GmbH joins WH Office Germany, Santos Printing in Spain, DataDirect in the UK, IR Riprografia in Italy, NewCo SAS in France, and others who are in the contract process to cover more territories in, Netherlands, Russia, Scandinavia, Middle East and South America.

Api Computerhandels GmbH is based in Germany and can be reached on (+49) 0241 / 9170-0, by email: Or visit

Print-Rite was established 41 years ago in 1981 and has amassed a technology patent portfolio of more than 3000 patents and is the industry innovator leader. In 2017 it acquired a 30 – year license to the Pelikan Brand for hard copy consumable products.

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