Canadian Supplier Redesigns Its Website

Canadian Supplier Redesigns Its Website

Island Ink-Jet, a Canadian supplier for office related products and services, has redesigned its website

In addition to printer cartridges, the supplier says the new website offers an array of office related products and supplies, office equipment, technology and etc. Also, Island Ink-Jet noted it has added more than 10,000 new products and customers can find the store-specific printer cartridge refill prices on the local store info pages. “Quick Finder”, a new featured function of the website, tracks users throughout their shopping experience and simplifies searches.

The supplier noted that the online stores are operated by licensed small business owners and those licensees provide product related support and participate in the revenue stream from online sales in their community.  When a business places an order with Island Ink-Jet, through profit sharing they are actually contributing to their local economy by supporting a business in their own community.

“We feel that the retail market is changing considerably and Island Ink-Jet is poised for significant growth,” stated Alex Schulz, President and CEO of Island Ink-Jet.  “Online retailers have pressured traditional box store operators due in part to lower operating costs.  Our hybrid model can offer the same products delivered faster and while providing much more localized support to the consumer.”


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