PC Pro Survey Suggests Inkjets for Business are Gaining Credibility

Results from a survey of over 500 PC Pro readers, including IT professionals, IT technicians and senior managers, suggests that the once thick dividing line between laser printers and inkjets for business use is becoming blurred.

Out of the 502 readers who took part in the online survey, 71.5% correctly identified that an Epson WorkForce Pro inkjet gives lower costs per A4 mono page than an HP LaserJet1.

When shown a mono text sample from a laser and an inkjet, 68.3% correctly judged that the bolder print-out came from an inkjet rather than a laser2.

And the audience struggled to pick between two photos: one from a printer aimed at businesses, the other from a consumer inkjet. Of the 502 people, 206 chose incorrectly3.

The survey was part of a partnership between PC Pro and Epson, and editor-in-chief Tim Danton was quick to point out that the surveyed people did have some help.

“We included two links to whitepapers, including one on how a Burger King franchisee had shifted to Epson WorkForce Pro printers, and also one on the difference between modern lasers and inkjets,” said Danton.

“What’s clear, though, is that people are starting to judge printers on what they can do for their business rather than resorting to the old ‘laser good, inkjet bad’ attitude.”


1. According to their official specs, the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3530 produces mono pages at 2p per page, compared to 2.2p for the HP LaserJet CP2025n.

2. Readers were shown identically sized samples from an Epson WorkForce WF-3530DTWF inkjet printer and Kyocera FS1041 laser printer.

3. Readers were shown identically sized samples from a Canon MX525 consumer inkjet and Epson WorkForce WF-3530DTWF business inkjet.

(Source: PCPRO)

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