Patented Extended Yield Chip Technology Available

Static Control has rolled out a new technology that will help those selling and using Aftermarket cartridges to get the full yield from every cartridge.

Those involved with MPS contracts will be particularly interested because an algorithm was developed to measure the true toner consumption of the extended-yield toner and usage in these cartridges, resulting in accurate supply notifications and page supply cost lower than that of the OEMs’.

In cooperation with Fort Worth, Texas-based ECi Software Solutions, Static Control has announced the availability of the extended yield chip technology. The patent-pending tracking technology utilizes ECi’s FMAudit® managed print services solution, FMAudit’s Central v4.0, together with Static Control’s patented extended yield chip technology.

Designed to reduce false alerting for non-OEM extended-yield toner cartridges, the technology allows dealers to realize the full return on investment of these cartridges.

Static Control claims, without this unique solution, a printer would fail to distinguish between OEM or Aftermarket extended yield toner cartridges. Also, the alert for cartridge replacement is prematurely sent, often causing cartridges to be discarded that still contain more than 50% of the toner. In their attempt to save money on supply costs, dealers end up paying more and often don’t have the data to know why.

Commenting on this new technology, Josh Braendle, MPS Business Manager at Static Control, said, “Developing this solution like an OEM provides dealers greater results to the bottom line, while increasing data analytics.”

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with Static Control to deliver on the promise of remanufactured extended yield cartridges lowering supply costs,” said Kevin Tetu, President of FMAudit. “Finding a solution to this fundamental problem was very important to us.”



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