Pantum Printers Enter Mexican Market

On March 25, Pantum held a launch event in Mexico City to announce its entry into the market. A total of 60 delegates attended the launch, including technology, marketing, and financial media representatives. The Pantum has an aggressive growth plan for Mexico and aims to rank among the top five printer brands by 2016. It will focus on retailing, IT distribution and BTA which cover the printing demands of both SOHO and SMB users.

Jackson Wang, CEO of Pantum, said, “We are pleased to announce our expansion plans in Mexico. Our historical success in international markets today has provided us with intelligent business insights in terms of catering to the requirements of our key stakeholders globally.  We are confident of offering enhanced value for them and more opportunities for its business partners.”

Pantum has appointed as its distributor to handle its retail activity in the region and has partnered with Lenovo to strengthen its presence in retail stores. In April, there will be a joint promotion with Lenovo, where Lenovo’s laptops will be connected with Pantum Printers to give a firsthand experience to end users.

Meanwhile, Pantum has also developed an IT channel by allying with IT distributor DataProducts. Its full experience and strong network in the IT channel in the region will ensure Pantum gains traction in the region.

“Mexico is a promising market with great potential, observed Alex Li, Pantum’s Senior Vice President, adding that “It has long been the strategic market of Pantum. We are confident of our success in Mexico with our  outstanding products and aggressive market strategy.”

Mr. Chen Yu Ming, Economic and Commercial Counselor of China’s Embassy in Mexico attended the launch. He commented, “Today, China and Mexico enjoy a diplomatic relationship that spreads over 40 years with bilateral trade volume of almost $36.776 billion. Mexico is our second-largest trading partner in Latin America. It’s heartening to see Pantum—the first printer created in China—further strengthening our ties with the country with its focused expansion plans for the region. ”

This is how Pantum becomes a key ally in the Mexican business development. This firm is creating a new era of printing solutions in the country and helping Mexican Entrepreneurs to reduce their cost per page (CPP) and 20% of their total cost of ownership (TCO).

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