Overall Printing Volumes Rise in India

Overall printing volumes are increasing in India attributed to the growing economy, according to a release at mydigitalfc.com.

Also, India is one of the very few markets in the world where digital printing is growing at CAGR 23%, said the statement.

“Work patterns have changed from print and distribute to distribute and print. For example, these days banks send statements through emails as opposed to sending printed copies by post,” explained Balaji Rajagopalan, Executive Director of Technology, Channels and International Businesses at Xerox. “The assumption is that the number of prints is reduced but in reality most customers prefer printing the statements and filing them for future use. Moreover, as digital copies are available, users print multiple copies as and when required.”

He added that now many fliers intended for individual customers are sent out as part of the bill copy and customers at least look at the offers. Though the fliers are done away with, companies are making good use of the bill copies and are continuing to print, he said.

On the other hand, weddings are a saving grace and there is enough space for all players to grow, according to the statement.

“Wedding is a huge market. Let’s say 40 crore people are of marriageable age in India at any point in time. Even if only 20 crore of them opt to get married, you have 10-crore marriages. At least three albums get made for every wedding for various occasions. Indians spend about Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 per album. That is the size of the market we are targeting,” said V Balakrishnan, Executive General Manager of the marketing division of Konica Minolta, India.

In addition, it is noted that with the help of digital technologies, people are also printing more photographs of all life events and creating albums for keepsakes.

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