Ourway Responds to Epson’s Charge

Ourway Image Co., Ltd. (Ourway) releases a statement in defense against Epson’s patent infringement complaint filed to the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) on December 23, 2014. In its complaint, Epson requests a 337 investigation against 19 aftermarket companies, including 11 Chinese companies.

As one of the defendants, Ourway releases the following statements to clear its stance:

1. Our company respect intellectual property. We have never directly sold related infringing products in the American market or to American customers.

2. Our company has been committed to innovation and development of patented products. We hold presently several patents on ink cartridges. These patented products do not infringe any original manufacturer’s intellectual property. Therefore, they could be sold legally. We will continue to offer our patented ink cartridges, and also provide our customers with necessary guarantee and legal support.

3. We will initiate a proactive communication with ITC (USITC) and Epson about related issue.

In its statement, Ourway stresses they will continue to provide updated information of this case and welcome everyone to learn more about their patented products.

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