Company Receives Fourth Seizure Order in One Month

company-receives-fourth-seizure-order-in-one-month-thumbnailA California-based company has received another seizure and forfeiture its fourth in the same month.

As the legal documents provided to RT Media reveal, products imported into the USA by Green Project Inc., including inkjet ink cartridges with print heads and components, have been denied entry by US customs. The company has allegedly violated the GEO related to the No. 337-TA-723 investigation regarding HP, resulting in the seizure and forfeiture order.

Earlier this month, Green Project received another three seizure and forfeiture orders by the USITC for violating Epson’s 337-TA-946 and 337-TA-565 investigation, and HP’s 337-TA-691 investigation.

New Seizure and Forfeit Order on 337-TA-565

These latest orders bring the number of forfeiture and seizure orders issues by the USITC for 2016 to 72. This is almost half of the total number of 153 orders that have been issued by the USITC over many years.

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