Official Announcement after Acquisition

Following the completion of Apex Technology’s acquisition of Lexmark, Apex has made an official statement on this merger.

Apex regards this acquisition as “a historic and powerful partnership” that will benefit all of its suppliers and business partners. Its products now include monochrome, color devices, software and hardware, etc. designed with the technology and intellectual property of its own. The company also shows its confidence in further growth and innovation.

Apex also states that for Lexmark, this transaction will consolidate its focus on high-end strategies and help it maintain the leading position in the printing industry. Lexmark now has more business opportunities in China and the Asia Pacific area.

Jackson Wang, the chairman of Apex Technology said, “We are excited to work alongside Lexmark as it continues to invest in advanced technologies and solutions to best serve its customers and business partners while simultaneously pursuing additional untapped opportunities for future growth.”

David Reeder, the new president and CEO of Lexmark said, “I’m incredibly excited about Lexmark’s future. Lexmark has employees across the globe who are truly passionate about technology and helping customers better manage their imagingand output needs.”

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