OEMs Rush for New Green Standard

Since its open registration to the imaging industry in December 2012, EPEAT has got many printer OEMs as the first industry registers.

The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool has become a green standard for manufacturers worldwide. Its environment rating program is now used by eight national governments. In the US, for example, many local and state governments and universities now choose suppliers base on the rating system.

After the organization opens registration for imaging industry not long before, Dell, Ricoh and Xerox quickly become the first registered companies. The registry covers products such as copiers, printers, scanners, digital duplicators, fax machines, mailing machines and multifunction devices. To qualify the EPEAT standard, imaging devices has to meet 33 environmental performance criteria. Manufacturers must sign a contract requiring them to declare that their products meet system criteria, and must possess and produce evidence to support all declarations upon EPEAT’s request.

As Recycling Times reported last time, the products certified by EPEAT enjoy more than 30% increase in sales.

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