OEM to Transform 2D Content to 3D

OEM to Transform 2D Content to 3D

OEM to Transform 2D Content to 3DKonica Minolta is expecting to launch a platform before June, that will allow users to transform their 2D content into 3D printable content.

They now have a non-exclusive software reseller agreement with Cloud-based technology platform provider ZVerse, to sell its ZVerse LAYR and ZVerse’s platforms.

ZVerse CEO John Carrington said, “The biggest challenge to widespread adoption of 3D printing, is that you need a 3D file. And creating these files can be a very inefficient and expensive process. We designed the ZVerse LAYR™ platform to solve the challenge of 3D printable content creation.  ZVerse LAYR™ is a turnkey suite of software applications that make any 2D content 3D printable.  Simply put, We 3D 2D.”

“We are already successfully selling a line of 3D printers,” revealed Gavin Jordan-Smith, Vice President of Solutions and Production Planning at Konica Minolta. “But the LAYR™ platform takes the opportunity to an entirely new level. We are bundling ZVerse services with a 3D printer, or alternatively, we are selling the services platform and sales training to enable them to enter the market without an equipment investment. It’s a key strategic partnership for us.”

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