OEM Invests More in Brazil

Ricoh has invested US$110 million into its Brazilian subsidiary for further development.

According to ZDNet.com, Ricoh Brazil has seen a 24% year-on-year growth in 2015 with revenue of R$350 million (US$107.9 million). The company also had a 40% increase in newly released products last year, with projectors and imaging equipment being the best performing products. In addition, its reseller network in Brazil also jumped from 200 in 2014 to 450 in 2015. With the capital support from its headquarters, the Brazilian operation plans to maintain concentration on helping clients to reduce costs and speeding up processes within IT operations.

Alejandro Tomás, the Ricoh Brazil President, said, “During the economic crisis we have managed to freeze dollar exchange rates and therefore grow in comparison to our competitors and also in new markets, while strengthening partnerships with direct and indirect clients. Our work here has been bearing fruit and this comes as a result of our positive performance.”


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