Canon Stages Middle East Conference

The OEM’s two-day event for its regional partners showcased its latest technology and innovations.

Canon Inc’s Middle East division, Canon Middle East, has held a conference in the United Arab Emirates for its regional partners, in order to showcase its latest imaging products and solutions. The two-day event was timed to coincide with the OEM’s 80th anniversary, and the 60th anniversary of Canon Europe.

The Dubai-based conference featured what Trade Arabia describes as “an exhibition-like flow, which demonstrated the full Canon Eco system range for consumers and businesses alike”, which also let Canon’s partners appreciate the OEM’s journey and progression, and a projection of what the future might bring. Interactive displays, multi-dimensional holograms, and immersive experiences created a “visually compelling, intriguing and futuristic experience” for partners attending.

“The conference is a flagship event for CME, and this year we are also celebrating Canon Inc’s 80th year of operation and Canon Europe’s 60th year anniversary,” said Anurag Agrawal, Canon Middle East’s managing director.

“We embarked on this journey to not only showcase our achievements, but to also focus on what we can offer businesses and consumers in the decades to come. We are looking to the future as it eminently approaches and we want to equip our partners with the best possible agile and seamless solutions that deliver maximum efficiency levels, increase productivity and enhance their competitive advantage.”

The event also featured live demonstrations of the OEM’s consumer products and solutions, whilst Agrawal also used to the conference to highlight various innovative initiatives Canon had undertaken in the past year – including opening the region’s first Innovation Centre, which allows businesses to view and test its products and solutions first hand.

“During this year’s conference, Canon was able to truly demonstrate how our products and services work together to from a whole,” Agrawal explained, “culminating the exhibition with ‘Elemental’– a fictitious beauty brand campaign developed from scratch by Canon with photographer and filmmaker Clive Booth to highlight the power of print for businesses.”

“The campaign followed Canon’s ethos of storytelling through compelling imagery; whether it is for individuals or businesses communicating their brand. Further demonstrating how our innovations are interconnected to better serve our customers, and showcases to our partners what opportunities lie for their businesses.”

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