OEM Fights Environmental Misconception

Many believe that using paper is always bad, and look forward to the arrival of the paperless office.

This week printer OEM Konica Minolta has teamed up with Two Sides to promote the responsible production, use and sustainability of paper.

Two Sides is a non-profit organization, active globally in Europe, North America, Australia, South Africa and Brazil.

Konica Minolta is arguing paper comes from trees that are a renewable resource if they are grown in responsibly managed forests.

The continuing demand for paper also gives North American landowners and families a financial incentive to continue managing their lands responsibly.

It says keep land forested rather than selling them for development or other non-forest uses is better for everyone.

According to Konica Minolta’s Vice President Kay Du Fernandez, common environmental misconceptions about paper must be dispelled to ensure the future of this important industry.

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