Novell iPrint Streamlines, Secures Virtual Mobile Printing for Business

A virtual appliance that streamlines complex printing environments and secures mobile enterprise printing has been introduced by Novell South Africa.

Novell iPrint uses the industry standard Internet printing protocol (IPP) to provide instant global access to printing resources via a Web browser. Users are able to find a printer on a graphical office map, download drivers and create the printer on their Mac, Windows or Linux workstations.

The Novell iPrint solution does not require any new hardware, and employees can use their existing Internet connections to print documents to remote printers. Auditing capabilities are included, and the software works with a variety of third-party accounting programmes, enabling the company to charge departments for their printing and apply “green” initiatives to reduce waste.

“iPrint simplifies the printing process, reducing the need to use the helpdesk, and, as a small virtual appliance, it also saves time for IT staff, as it can be uploaded into the system in minutes. Printing usually needs drivers to convert documents into printer-ready language, and some vendors use cloud services to convert documents from mobile devices.

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For Apple users who usually need an Air-Print-enabled printer, Novell iPrint is able to make a company’s current printers Air-Print-capable and visible to users of iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices without even having to install an app.

All of the basic print screen specifications can be adjusted through a simple user-friendly touch-screen interface.

Where e-mail is concerned, users are able to print from any e-mail-enabled device by sending the e-mail to iPrint. Administrators can set up a single e-mail address for the organisation’s printing, or one for each printer, as well as set up white lists and other controls to increase the security of the mobile e-mali-based printing, ensuring iPrint processes only relevant print jobs.

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