E-commerce Giant’s Ambition: Conquer Office Supply Market

Amazon plans to make a breakthrough in the industrial and office supply business by 2018, according to the court documents disclosed by RBC Capital.

As reported by Business Insider, Deane Dray, analyst from the financial research firm RBC Capital, summarized the comments of the chief at Amazon Business—Prentis Wilson. The comments made in the Staples-Office Depot antitrust trial mentioned that Amazon Business is taken as a “top priority” and “must win” at Amazon. The e-commerce giant identifies only two office supply giants, Grainger and Staples, as its main competitors. Wilson also compared the competition to “land grab” with a “limited window” that could close by 2018 in the market.

Amazon Business started in 2015 to replace the service Amazon Supply, selling from IT and lab equipment to basic office supplies. It claimed to have sold products with an annual value of over $1 billion since being launched.

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