SGT’s Richard Yu Shares New OPC Drum Technologies at RemaxWorld Summit

The founding Chairman of Suzhou GoldenGreen Technologies (SGT), who successfully floated his company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange last month, has agreed to speak to global imaging leaders at the RemaxWorld Summit in Zhuhai China.

Dr. Richard Yu heads up the largest Aftermarket OPC drums manufacturing company in the world. In fact SGT is the second largest OPC manufacturer in the world, behind Canon. He joins other well-known industry leaders, consultants, legal experts and marketing professionals to share their insights into industry trends.

SGT successfully redeveloped the OPC system to become a leader in drum recoating technology.

According to Dr. Yu, the print quality of SGT’s OPC drums has almost reached OEM standards and become the replacement choice for well-known laser printer brands including HP, Samsung, and Canon.

SGT is dedicated to researching and developing new technologies, and has successfully created 10 automatic OPC production lines using robotic technologies. SGT has the capacity to produce 6.3 billion OPC drums annually, giving it the No.2 largest OPC manufacturer global ranking, behind Canon.

In 2015, SGT acquired Cartridge World, which enabled them to increase their distribution channels and expand their overseas market.

At RemaxWorld Summit 2016, Dr. Yu will talk about the trend towards drum recoating technologies. Delegates wanting to know SGT’s business strategy after becoming a public company are sure to grab the front row seats.

In addition to OPC drum technologies, the organizer, Recycling Times Media (RT Media) has experts sharing updates on chips and toner technologies and hot industry issues including legal, exporting and China’s ongoing global dominance.

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