Ninestar Opens Empties Recycling Website to Serve U.S. Market

On July 16, Seine Image USA (SIU), one of Ninestar’s branch companies, announced the opening of its empties recycling website for the US market. The company says it expects the site to help strengthen Ninestar’s cartridge remanufacturing capacity in this region.

The site, with detailed recycling steps and price sheets, provides three kinds of spent cartridges in the “EMPTIES” section: Virgin Toner Cartridges, Non-Virgin Toner Cartridges, and Ink Cartridges. In order to comply with the “First Sale Doctrine”, Ninestar specified that it will only buy empties that were first sold in the US.

According to Ninestar, SIU was established as a part of its recycling strategy. Further, the company states it is confident of strong sales for its patented gears and remanufacturing strategies in the US market.

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