Ninestar Intros Patented IJ Cartridges for New Canon Printers

Ninestar has released aftermarket cartridges which they claim are patented and can be used to replace ink cartridges for Canon 550/551/451/351/251/651/ and 751 printers. Ninestar boasts it is the first aftermarket company to launch such patented cartridges (with chips).

Canon released this series of all-in-one printers in September 2012. The  Canon 550/551printers are an upgrade of the Canon 525/526 Series. An estimated 700,000 printers have been sold since their release. They are mainly being sold in EMEA, North America, Oceania, Japan and Asian markets.

According to Ninestar, the Canon 550/551 Series are star products for the sales year of 2013. To meet the great potential market demand, it has developed a fourth generation chip for these aftermarket cartridges. It has also applied high quality ink to ensure that print quality is competitive with OEM performance.

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