Ninestar Introduces Plans for 2014

Ninestar Image convened the 2013 summative meeting and introduced its 2014 plans in its new facility. Yan Wei, Senior Vice President of Seine Group, Jim Wu, General Manager of Ninestar Image and Eric Zhang, Vice-General Manager of Ninestar Image, attended the meeting.

Eric Zhang observed the general market trends and concluded Ninestar’s achievement in 2013. He said Ninestar has bloomed in some market segments of inkjet and laser toner cartridges, growing particularly fast for its patented products. With regards to the 2014 plans, Eric noted that the company will maintain investment in patented products, color cartridges, high volume cartridges as well as remanufactured products.

In addition, Mr. Yan Wei gave a speech on the group’s development plan. He observed that Seine Group takes Ninestar as an essential business part, always backing Ninestar and its partners.

Jim Wu, recognized as a skilled engineer, a product expert and an innovator for sales and marketing, expressed his pleasure to have witnessed Ninestar’s growth in 2013, extending gratitude to Ninestar people’s great efforts. He was confident that Ninestar will have a brighter future with its partners in 2014.

At the meeting, Ninestar awarded the 2013 outstanding people, namely, Louis Yang, Sarah Hu and Shirley Liu from South America, Europe and Japan sales team respectively.

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