New Zhuhai Plants To Make a Million Cartridges a Month

The Shanghai based cartridge manufacturer—Orink Infotech International Co., Ltd. (Orink)—has restructured its business, opening two new plants in Zhuhai in southern China.

Located close to Zhuhai airport, the first plant commenced operations in May manufacturing monochrome compatible cartridges.

The second plant will get under way this month, July, and will focus on the manufacture of color cartridges.

According to Orink, “Our aim is to centralize our production bases to highlight our strengths. Previously, production was scattered over many bases resulting in huge logistical pressures, overlapping production lines and uneven inefficient operations.” As a result, Orink says it has closed some inefficient production plants.

“We will ensure a monthly output of 0.6 million plus black cartridges and 0.25 million color cartridges with the two new plants, and an output of 1.1 to 1.2 million laser cartridges as a whole.”

Orink expects these changes will make them even more competitive in the global market. “Our market competitiveness will be strengthened, so as to provide better service and better products to our customers.”

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