Unprotected Printers Hijacked by Sly Hacker

Over 150,000 printers have been assaulted by a hacker with their remote access left on by accident.

According to BBC news, printers attacked by the hacker will print messages on a piece of paper urging printer owners to close the “port” connecting to the remote access.

Large office printers, domestic printers and small receipt printers in restaurants are affected in this attack.

The hacker names himself “Stackoverflowin.” He searches printers with no basic security protection through the Internet by an automated program.

The program will send the owners of printers a warning paper once it discovers the device hasn’t switched on security controls.

Baffled by what was happening, many owners of the attacked printers took it to social media and sought answers and solutions on technical support forums and social networks such as Reddit.

HP, Brother, Epson, Canon, Lexmark, Minolta printers and many others are swept in this hacker attack.

The hacker told the Bleeping Computer tech news website, “I’m about helping people to fix their problem, but having a bit of fun at the same time.”

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