New Thermal Label Printer from Epson


Epson America, Inc.,  has introduced the new TM-L90II LFC (liner-free compatible) thermal label printer at the NRF 2020 Retail’s Big Show. Replacing the TM-L90 Plus LFC models, this flexible and versatile thermal label printer supports both liner-free printing and receipt printing and features a label-taken sensor and back-feed functionality. It enables merchants in the QSR, fast casual, and hospitality segments to quickly print order details and add appropriate labels to orders so food service operators can easily ensure that the right order is delivered to the right consumer. It benefits hospitality merchants and retailers alike in improving order accuracy and efficiencies.

The TM-L90II LFC is a versatile label printer that supports 40-, 58- and 80mm wide media for flexible printing options. It offers liner-free label printing, making it the perfect tool for improving order accuracy, as well as receipt printing, helping customers to standardize on one printer for their printing needs. The printer is also mPOS friendly, facilitating the ability to print from smartphones and tablets. Plus, a convenient label-taken sensor lets it accept multiple jobs, but print only one label at a time, preventing newly-printed labels from adhering to one another. Back-feed functionality makes it possible for the printer to print closer to the top of the label for more efficient media use. In addition, white-space and character-height reduction help to reduce paper usage by up to 47 percent.

“We always strive to empower our customers with the best solutions for their receipt and label printing needs,” said Gregg Brunnick, director of product management for POS Printers, Epson America Inc. “With our TM-L90II LFC thermal label printer, we deliver the flexibility, versatility and efficiency that QSRs, restaurants, delis, and grocers need to gain important business advantages.”

The TM-L90II LFC thermal label printer also offers dual interfaces, including built-in USB, for flexible connectivity, fast print speeds of up to 170 mm/sec and the ability to automatically detect media type and width, making it more efficient. What’s more, it contains eco features such as ROHC compliance and recyclable2parts.

The TM-L90II LFC thermal label printer will be available in early March from Epson authorized partners.

Key Features

  1. Label-taken sensor ― accepts multiple jobs but only prints one label at a time; prevents continuous printing and labels adhering to each other
  2. Back-feed capability ― retracts labels so it can print closer to the top for more efficient media use
  3. Advanced paper-saving features ― white-space and character-height reduction help reduce paper usage up to 47 percent1
  4. Ready-to-use labels — help improve order accuracy and customer satisfaction
  5. Flexible — one printer for both liner-free labeling and receipt printing
  6. mPOS friendly — supports printing from smartphones and tablets
  7. Convenient — dual interfaces, including built-in USB for flexible connectivity
  8. Fast print speeds ― up to 170 mm/sec
  9. Versatile ― 40, 58 and 80 mm print width support options
  10. Efficient ― automatically detects media type and width

Eco Features

  • RoHS compliant
  • Recyclable product2
  • Epson America, Inc. is a SmartWay® Transport Partner



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