New Seizure and Forfeit Order on 337-TA-565 Issued

A Connecticut-based firm has been issued a seizure and forfeiture order from the US International Trade Commission (USITC) for allegedly attempting to import ink cartridges and components that infringe a general exclusion order (GEO).

On December 19, 2016, the order was sent to June Shen for violation of GEO No. 337-TA-565. The U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection had previously denied entry of the imports and notified Shen that any further attempt to import the involved articles would result in seizure and forfeiture.

No. 337-TA-565 is based on a complaint submitted by Epson Portland, Epson America, and Seiko Epson Corporation of Japan.

To date, the USITC has conducted 13 Section 337 investigations in relation to printing consumables and issued 8 GEOs, seven of which have resulted in seizure and forfeiture orders being issued). The USITC has issued 152 seizure and forfeiture orders to date, with 71 orders issued in 2016 alone. The details are as follows:

Seizure and Forfeiture Orders Issued
Epson 337-565 (Ink Cartridge) 47 (19 in 2016)
HP 337-691 (Ink Cartridge) 32 (17 in 2016)
HP 337-723 (Ink cartridge) 22 (13 in 2016)
HP 337-730 (Ink Cartridge) None
Lexmark 337-740 (Toner Cartridge) 9 (4 in 2016)
Canon 337-829 (Twisted Gear) 23 (1 in 2016)
Canon 337-918 (Toner Cartridges) 17 (15 in 2016)
Epson 337-946 (Ink Cartridge) 2 (2 in 2016)

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