New Replacement Chips for OKI ES 5112 Series

Apex has introduced a series of replacement chips for use on toner cartridges in OKI ES 5112/ES4132/ES4192/ES5162 series of MFPs.

According to Apex, this new series of chips have used the ASIC design with consistent performance. The company claims that this series of new chips are first released for use on the toner cartridge models in North America, Latin America and Asia-Pacific areas (except Japan and China). The structure of the toner cartridge in OKI ES series of MFPs is the same as the OKI B432 series, the new replacement chips can also be used on the toner cartridge of the OKI B432 series.

The company has already released a group of replacement chips for use on the cartridges in OKI B432 series of printers in December, 2016.

Product list is as following:

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