Two More Dongle-gear Related Seizure and Forfeiture Orders Issued

USITC has issued separate seizure and forfeiture orders to two companies in regard to dongle gear patent infringement.

Products imported to the USA by Michigan-based company Manoj Diora and Connecticut-based A Smart Choice have allegedly violated the general exclusion order related to No.337-TA-918 investigation.

The U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection has denied entry of the articles and notified the companies that any further attempt to import the involved articles would result in seizure and forfeiture.

The No.337-TA-918 investigation regarding toner cartridges and components was filed by Canon in 2014. The US International Trade Commission has issued 3 seizure and forfeiture orders in 2017 with the first one issued to CBD Group Inc. in California in January.

First Two Seizure and Forfeiture Orders Issued in 2017

Clover’s Legal Counsel Provides More Light

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