New ISO Standard for Print Buyers

A New standard, ISO 16759, was developed by the Verdigris Project, a UK-based environmental initiative based on input compiled from different manufacturers and environmental scientists working in the printing industry.

The new standard covers all types of printed matter ranging from labels to newspapers and transactional mail. It maps out a common method for calculating the carbon footprint of these products.

Project Director Laurel Brunner said, “We’ve had lots of input from all around the world from people who recognize the importance of this. It is written to be as clear and straightforward as possible, making it really easy for people to follow. If you understand how to reduce your carbon impact, you cut your costs.”

According to Brunner, experts from the Japanese printing industry had been particularly involved in the process. Also, print companies in Germany, Japan, and the US are among early adopters to implement the standard. Brunner added, “It will become more important as print buyers recognize the value of it for their CSR policies.”

The standard costs £101 (USD $155) and can be downloaded from the ISO website.

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