New Inks Released for HP Printers

New Inks Released for HP Printers

OCP has released compatible inks for use in HP 934 & 935 series of inkjet ink printers, reported The Recycler.

The coded BKP 225 OCP ink is for HPs 934 black range, with standard and SETUP ranges at a yield of 400 pages and 1,000 for the XL. As HP 935 range covers cyan, magenta and yellow, OCP released CP 225, MP225 and YP 225 for use, with the standard and SETUP ranges at a 400 page yield and 825 pages for the XL.

The new OfficeJet Pro 6000 series share the same, pigmented inks and page yields with the 2012 OfficeJet 6000 series, the previous model.

OCP claims sample sets are available as usual and necessary replacement chips will be available from stock soon.

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