New HYB toner formula for Fujifilm Office Printers

New HYB toner formula for Fujifilm Printers

New HYB toner formula for Fujifilm Printers

New HYB toner formula for Fujifilm Office PrintersChina-based HYB released an exclusive bulk toner formula for use in  Fujifilm Apeos C325z/ ApeosPrint C325dw/Fujfilm Apeos C328df/C328dwApeosPrint C328dw/Fujifilm Apeos C320z/ApeosPrint C320dw.

HYB claims that the new toner formula TG-826 is a mechanically produced toner (MPT) it developed with its partner in Japan. “The exact same formula has been approved by some manufacturers and adopted into their configuration to massively produce finished toner cartridges,” said Kim Lee, Sales Director of HYB.

It is said that HYB’s laboratory has implemented complete and systematic tests for these toner cartridges in order to compare performance with the OEM toner in Fujfilm Apeos C328.

Besides this formula, HYB development team has successfully developed multiple duel-component formulas and launched exclusive products for Canon, Xerox and Konica Minolta color copiers and printers.

Previously, HYB released new toner cartridge HYB-T5018 for use in Toshiba E-Studio 2518A/3018A/3518A/4518A/5018A/3018AG/2518AG/4518AG.

HYB claims that the new toner cartridge uses premium toner from reliable world-class toner manufacturers, which ensures OEM-equivalent page yield. In addition, the new toner cartridge also features compatibility and reverse-compatibility with OEM toner.

HYB also claims that it’s the first in the market to overcome the toner technology obstacle in Toshiba high-speed printers.

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