New Delhi Printers Association Explains the New Tax

New Delhi Printers Association Explains the New Tax

New Delhi Printers Association Explains the New TaxIn face of the increasing worries among printers about the new newly implemented Goods and Services Tax (GST), the Delhi Printers Association (DPA) has organized a seminar to ease the confusion.

According to, more than a hundred-people attended the event on July 6. Among the attendees were speakers Uday Dhote, chairman, All-India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP), and Arvind Mardikar, treasurer, AIFMP, and editor, Printing Times. Additionally, there were representatives from the GST department including Santosh Kumar, GSTO.

Dhote explained that the GST appears to be a higher rate of tax because it is a combination of 17 types of taxes including VAT and excise. Furthermore, he said that once the confusion over the tax was out of the way, business would improve, and therefore, printers should proceed with a positive attitude.

Dhote handed out printed sheets to all participants and used them to explain HSN codes, particulars of items of printing and their GST rates. GST is a PAN-base tax which means the government will earn more as it will not be possible to evade payment. PAN is a Personal Account Number used by Indian nationals as identification.

Mardikar, the treasurer of AIFMP, then stipulated that GST was all simple and easy. He explained that tax used to be manufacturing based but was now consumption based, and the government was already changing laws to eliminate confusion. He praised the printers for their creativity and encouraged them to be more proactive with their work.

GSTO Santosh Kumar described GST as a new concept for trade, industry and also their own department. He is committed to offering his departments help to the printers by inviting them to come and meet GSTOs for help if they get confused about the GST and its applicability. He said his services would be available to the printers 10am – 9pm and gave out his mobile number.

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