Meg Whitman of HP Steps Down from the Board

Meg Whitman, chairwoman of the board of HP, will be stepping down on 26 July, 2017.

According to, Whitman, who remains CEO of HP Enterprise, joined HP as CEO in 2011 has served as Chair of both HP Inc and HP Enterprise since the split in 2015.

The HP board of directors have announced that Whitman will be replaced by CEO of Levi Strauss & Co, Chip Bergh. Bergh has experience of managing businesses in multiple regions worldwide and has been part of HPs board since March 2017.

“I have deep respect for Meg, Dion and the entire HP board and leadership team and am honored by this important role as HP accelerates its innovation agenda,” said Bergh. “We have a diverse and top-performing board and we are well positioned to continue increasing long-term value for shareholders.”

“Meg was instrumental in the formation of HP and in helping us to navigate early life as a separate company, bringing essential experience and continuity of leadership to our entire team,” said Dion Weisler, HP President and Chief Executive Officer. “I will be forever grateful to Meg for her many contributions. She is a terrific friend and advisor and will remain so as we continue executing on our strategy of reinvention. I very much look forward to working closely with Chip as our new Chairman as we shepherd HP into the future.”

On the role change, Whitman responded, “HP has now been a standalone company for almost two years and I’m proud to have helped get the company off to a great start.” She continued, “The HP board is among the most diverse in our industry, and the company has established a proven track record of successfully delivering on its commitments. I’m very confident in Dion’s continued vision and leadership as well as Chip’s ability to help guide the organization.”

Whitman was reportedly being considered for the Uber CEO job but ended the speculation by tweeting: “I am fully committed to HPE and plan to remain the company’s CEO. We have a lot of work still to do at HPE and I am not going anywhere. Uber’s CEO will not be Meg Whitman.”

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