New CFO Takes Office Following Separation

An expert in the manufacturing of imaging industry has announced the transition of its CFO.

According to Xerox, it is expected that the company will finish its separation into two publicly-traded companies at the end of 2016. Following the completion, William F. Osbourn, Jr. will be the CFO of Xerox’s Technology business.

Osbourn once served as the co-CFO in the Time Warner Cable (TWC) during his 13 years with the company. He had also been the controller and chief accounting officer, supervising TWC’s accounting function, for eight years.

Jeff Jacobson, the president of the Xerox Technology business said, “Bill is a pragmatic and tenacious leader, and we are thrilled to have him as part of the Xerox leadership team. He brings strong experience in driving change, which will serve us well as we continue our strategic transformation program and look to maximize the potential of this great company.”

Xerox also discloses that Leslie Varon, the present CFO of the company, will retire after Xerox completes the separation successfully. Varon has served in various senior finance roles of Xerox for 36 years.

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