New App Helps Consumers Manage Their Office Printing

New App Helps Consumers Manage Their Office Printing

An App has been released to remind consumers when the amount of ink and/or toner in their printer is running short, or the printer needs maintenance.

Cartridge World says its CW Print Manager™ App has been developed to help more than 96 million mobile and remote workers around the world to print and scan documents from their smartphones, tablets or laptops when they’re away from the office. This affirms Cartridge World’s role as a strategic partner for business owners who want to create and sustain efficient, productive business operations.

According to Cartridge World, businesses could spend between $9,000 $100,000 every year on color and ink printing. Cartridge World’s new App will help printing businesses reduce the inefficiency of printing and monitor the printing capabilities of their printers.

The global franchise network quotes research done by the Houston Chronicle, which explains that cost per page for black-and-white printing on the best printers will run at 1 to 2.5 cents per page. However, color printing will cost your company roughly 13.5 cents per page.

PrintWorld™, powered by Samsung, is a free download App for Cartridge World business customers and is a key component of the service that Cartridge World franchisees provide to their clients—when the app sends the alert, a local certified service engineer helps the customer solve their printing issues within 48 hours.

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