New Age Toners

Pushed on by self help books, an interest in psychology, and the meeting of western and eastern religion, the new age has now been around for 20 years or more.

Discover Imaging has just released four new polymerised toners for HP cartridges which they say are a cut above other aftermarket solutions.

President of Discovery Imaging Steve Weedon told Recyling Times, “We called it new age toner because of the performance characteristics which have over come all the problems we have seen with existing aftermarket polymerized toners in the market.”

He claims the new polymerised toners are closer to OEM quality, with improved transfer efficiency, color compatibility, backgrounding levels and perfect fusing.

“Even the TAB (toner additive build up) issues on PCRs (primary charge rollers) has gone away as well,”says Weedon.

Discover Imaging has offices in North America and Europe and recently opened offices in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and India.

Watch what Weedon says at

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